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Auditions can be both exciting and frightening at the same time. Whether you’ve done a hundred of them or if it’s your first one, it’s always nervewracking. Nailing an audition doesn’t just happen on a whim; it takes a lot of practice and preparation. To get through your next audition successfully, these are the tips you need to know:

Practice in Wardrobe

It’s imperative to not choose your audition outfit the day of or even the day before. Take the time to choose an outfit wisely and one that fits the character you are auditioning for. Even if it’s a singing audition, your wardrobe can make or break your audition. Be sure to practice in the outfit you have chosen and ensure that it fits comfortably. Also, have backup options just in case a mishap happens and damages your first choice.

Do Your Homework

The key to a successful audition is doing your research. Before stepping in front of the camera or casting director, know everything about the role you’re auditioning for and who you’re auditioning for. This kind of preparation can go a long way. Understand exactly what they are looking for by reading the breakdown closely, paying attention to the role description, and looking up the company or theatre. It also helps to review past ads, commercials, or projects they’ve done before to identify the style they’re looking for and what appeals to them most. 

Listen to Directions

The biggest mistake you could make isn’t messing up on your lines, but instead not following directions. Casting directors and production companies take the time to craft the roles they’re looking to cast and any information they give you must be taken seriously. From the dialect of the character to their wardrobe, it all matters. Make sure that when the casting director looks at you, they are seeing the character you’re auditioning for. If they ask you to provide a specific photo or action in a casting video, follow directions and do not improvise.

Be on Time

This may sound obvious, but being on time is crucial to your audition. Whether you have to submit a casting tape before a certain date or being at a location at a specific time, do not be late. Being late is unprofessional and can quickly take you out of the running. To ensure you’re on time, visit the location the day before and determine exactly how long it will take you to get there. Also keep in mind other specifics such as parking, traffic, and other time-consuming things that may make you late the day of.