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Ekaterina Fields

Model, Actress, Investor

About Ekaterina

Ekaterina Fields is a model, actress, philanthropist, and investor from London, UK. Originally born in Moscow, Russia, Ekaterina had spent much of her youth in the entertainment industry. At age 10, Ekaterina was chosen to join MosFilm’s database of child actors. She received her first role at age 12, starring in “Higher Than Rainbow” as the lead character Dasha. She would be credited as Ekaterina Parfyonova. This film would go on to be seen by over 50 million viewers.

At 16, Ekaterina earned another leading role in “Publication”. During this time, Ekaterina graduated from the prestigious Burda Moden modelling school. She began competing in pageants, earning second place in the Elite Model Look competition, as well as a finalist in the Miss Russia competition.

At age 17, Ekaterina Fields was asked to represent Russia in the Miss World University pageant in Seoul, South Korea. In 1989, she won the title of Miss World University. Gaining attention from entertainment industry professionals, Ekaterina began branching out into new projects. She soon started working with Marilyn Gauthier modelling agency in Paris, where she worked as a runway model, as well as a photo model in magazines. She also worked in the television industry in Russia around this time.

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Although Ekaterina Fields was an international celebrity, she also kept a job on the side, working as a Russian-English interpreter and assistant to the CEO of Oman Oil Company, John Deuss. In 1997, she moved from Paris to London to pursue her B.A. in Marketing and Finance at City University. She continued her modelling career in London, signing with NEVS modelling agency.

In the following years, Ekaterina starred in two shows: “Perfect World” (BBC) and “The Auction House” (Channel 4). However, Ekaterina’s personal life became a focal point for her, as her mother was diagnosed with terminal breast cancer in 2001. She and her mother moved to Washington, DC shortly after. After caring for her for two years, her mother, Elizaveta Parfenova, passed away at the age of 69.

Over the coming years, Ekaterina Fields’s family expanded with the addition of her two children, Aleksei and Elizaveta, who together moved back to London. Today, Ekaterina focuses on several of her passions: her children, special needs advocacy and charity, and the promotion of an eco-friendly lifestyle. After her daughter was diagnosed with special needs, Ekaterina began the push to support charities that benefit all children with special needs. Ekaterina also makes it a priority to teach her children how to live as eco-friendly as possible. In addition, she has continued to make appearances in news programmes and talk shows on Russian television