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Following your dreams can be daunting and complicated – especially when so many others share the same vision. This is especially true for actors, who must face countless challenges to attain success. However, there is a silver lining here. Many of those who came before have been willing to share their advice. Helping forge a path for those who follow.

Here are some essential pieces of advice for all of the aspiring actors out there. Some advice pertains to acting, while others revolve around the act of getting into the field.

Networking Is Critical

It is critical for all actors and aspiring actors to network amongst themselves. In other words – actors need to create connections as soon as possible and not be afraid to leverage them. Likewise, it is beneficial to pay it forward as often as possible.

Take Classes

One should always strive to hone their skills. Thus, taking some acting classes is always a brilliant idea. It doesn’t matter how experienced you are; there is always something new worth learning – and practicing. 

Keep Trying

Heading off to audition after audition can start pretty terrifying – and quickly turn depressing. However, it is essential to continue to attend as many auditions as possible. After all, you can’t succeed if you don’t take the shot.

Furthermore, auditions are yet another way of practicing. Only this time, one will be getting critical feedback – feedback that can teach aspiring actors everything from what the experts are looking for to networking tips and tricks.

Be Kind and Polite

When an industry is tightknit, it is critical to remember that word of mouth is everything. Thus, it is essential to always be on one’s best behavior. That means you should strive to be polite to casting directors, kind to fellow actors, and professional whenever you are out in the field.

Headshots and Resumes

Another helpful piece of advice is to cultivate a resume, and don’t forget to include headshots. Headshots are high-quality photos that create a solid first impression for casting directors.

As for the resume, this can include everything from high school experience to professional experience. If it is relevant and you are proud of it, it is worth having. This resume should come along with you for every audition.