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Landing an interview with an agency is a pivotal part of any burgeoning model’s career. These interviews are one-on-one with the model and the agency and give them one of the best chances to land a contract deal.

As such, it is essential to prepare for this moment as much as possible. Specific steps can (and should) be taken ahead of time to help leave the best impression possible.

Research is Your Friend

Whenever heading into any interview, it is vital to research the company at hand. This is especially true in the world of modeling, so make sure to research the agency.

Knowing whether or not the agency is a good fit for you can be pretty helpful for obvious reasons. Additionally, this can help provide a clearer idea of what the agency is looking for – what their portfolio looks like, what their requirements are, etc.

Knowing What to Bring

One of the best ways to indicate your experience, style, and talent is by bringing a portfolio with you to an interview. At this point, it should be considered a requirement in the field – so forget it!

This is true even for models that don’t have any professional shots worth showcasing yet. Bring whatever photos you have – high-quality images taken by friends and family would even work, especially if they show off your talent and style.

When preparing documents to bring to the interview, do not overlook the importance of a resume. A resume should contain all basic and pertinent information, such as your experience, background, and contact information.

Another essential item in a model’s arsenal is called a comp card. The comp card should go a few steps further by also containing your measurements. In some cases, the resume and the comp card can be combined into one, but many agencies prefer to keep them separate, so keep that in mind.

Prepare for the Q&A

The question and answer segment of any interview is not a step easily overlooked. As such, it is crucial to prepare for it as much as possible. Pull up a guide of common questions asked during a modeling interview, and prepare some answers. Additionally, don’t forget to prepare a list of questions you would like to ask in return.