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Fall is officially here, which means it is time to talk about Fall 2021 fashion trends and colors. Fall is one of the best times of the year as far as fashion is concerned, as all of the bold and bright colors come out of the woodwork and demand our attention.

Every year the colors most fashionable for the season change, with only those in the know capable of predicting what will rise to the top for the year. Read on to see what colors and trends will be most loved this season.

Fall Colors

It seems that color is in this year, as three vibrant colors dominated the catwalks, sparking new trends and desires across the globe. Those three colors were scarlet orange, lemon yellow, and pink. 

Now, experts are predicting the emergence of color, with Fall 2021 showcasing some of the best color palettes available. There’s nothing dull in these trending colors, which include indigo, army green, clay orange, vibrant red, fuchsia, lilac, and silver, all getting the attention they deserve.

Given how dull the last year has been for many, this pop of color is refreshing and likely intentional. We all needed something to look forward to, something to brighten our lives and our day. Now we have it.

Other designers have leaned towards powder blues, sage greens, and muted browns for those seeking more soothing shades to bring out a more sophisticated and calming look. So no matter what your preference is, there’s something to love.


As with every year, new styles are trending this season, and some of them are specifically designed to make you smile. Such as the variety of colorful sweaters, all of which seem to be so full of character. 

Other trends include botanicals and blooms, pantsuits with a twist (skirts), and high fashion stretchy loungewear – for those that want to be comfortable yet stunning. Don’t forget, leather jackets are always fashionable, and this year more so than others. 

On a different note, stripes are officially back in fashion, so it’s time to bring out all of those cozy striped sweaters and shirts you’ve tucked away. This year, stripes have gone bold, thanks to the dominating color palette of the season.