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When making your mark as a model in the fashion industry, it’s important to look stylish both on and off the runway. While you won’t have to always look your best, it’s important to know how to dress and understand how fashion works. Finding your own personal style is a great way to impress designers, agencies, or anyone who you hope to someday work with. Your style should be a reflection of who you are through aesthetic choices like clothing, accessories, hairstyle, and your outfit.

Explore Your Closet

Chances are, you already have a personal style but haven’t known how to fully express it. A great way to know your own style is by exploring your closet at home. Find all the pieces that make you happy and all the favourite clothing items and accessories that you love. Once you have found the pieces that make you feel confident and good, try to notice what they all have in common. This will start to give you a general idea of your personal style. 

Look for Fashion Inspiration

As a model, chances are you have a love and admiration for fashion. When creating your personal style, you don’t have to only look at the fashion industry for inspiration. Look to your friends, family, social media, celebrities, or even strangers walking down the street. Observe everything from casual outfits to work-ready attire and even formal wear. Try exploring fashion blogs to find tips, trends, and inspiration. This journey will help you find different style types and which ones you identify with the most.

Find a Signature Piece

Once you know your style, try finding a signature piece that will define this style as your own. A signature piece will make it much more personal. For instance, fashion icons like Audrey Hepburn always wore cropped pants and ballet flats and Jackie O. always had on oversize sunglasses. Choose a signature item or two to make a part of your style identity. Statement pieces can range from jewellery, shoes, jackets, handbags, and more. 

Take Out What Doesn’t Fit

After you have defined your style, go back to take one last look at your closet. Go through your clothes and find the pieces that don’t fit the aesthetic of your personal style. There will most likely be one or two pieces that can be taken out of your wardrobe to make room for new pieces that fit your style.